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Virtual Reality

Improving Lives Through Virtual Reality

Epic Care’s Virtual Reality Therapy

Growing up, many of us dream of going on adventures and exploring the world, and unfortunately, for many people nearing the end of their lives, those dreams are left unfulfilled. For patients who are terminally ill and unable to enjoy life experiences like travelling, virtual reality serves as a tool to fulfill many of these patients’ final wishes.

A patient who is at the final stages of their life is not able to experience life as they used to. The thought of hospice isn’t anything particularly desirable, as patients are often confined to their rooms and are limited to looking out their window as a connection to the outside world. This can leave the patient feeling isolated, lonely and anxious. Virtual reality was introduced into the hospice world to reduce anxiety and chronic pain in patients. This technology allows patients to go essentially anywhere in the world they’d wish, like traveling to a foreign country for the first time, or visiting their favorite lake one last time, all from the comfort and safety of their own couch.