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Music Therapy

The Power of Music

Epic Care’s Music Therapy

Music therapy is a service offered by Epic Care Health that has been proven to have many benefits on hospice patients. Music therapy works to meet the social, mental and physical needs of the patient and can even be effective at getting detached patients involved in activities. Music therapy evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of a patient and crafts a treatment plan that may include singing, writing songs, dancing, and hearing live performances of their favorite genre of music.

Music therapy is beneficial to a diverse range of patients, including those who suffer from dementia, those who deal with unmanageable pain, those who do not have much social interaction, patients with anxiety and depression and patients who have trouble communicating. No prior musical experience is required for patients to reap the benefits of music therapy. Some examples of activities that may take place in a therapy session include a patient learning to play the keyboard, dancing to an upbeat song played on the piano or reading music off of a score.

Music therapy is an effective way for patients to express their emotions and creativity, especially if they suffer from communication issues due to physical or mental disabilities. Even in cases where a patient is disoriented, music therapy still offers them benefits as music stimulates emotions that do not require alertness to experience. Family members are also encouraged to participate in sessions, as music therapy has the power to bond people together and is enjoyable by all involved.