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Epic Caregiver Health Program

Epic Care Health understands that families need just as much attention as the patient. Since caring for a loved one can take its toll on the family and caregivers both physically and emotionally, Epic Care Health created a wellness project designed specifically for them. This program provides exercises, meditation and a structured support group for the families of patients.

Epic Care Health will provide families with information about the illness the patient is dealing with and will give resources on the dying process so families can be prepared for what’s to come. Epic Care Health understands this is an overwhelming process, and that family emotional support is usually needed and wanted. Sometimes, all families want after a long day of caring for their loved one is for someone to listen to them. Epic Care Health’s team is there to listen to you, answer questions and to provide information and advice when you need it most.

With all that comes with caregiving, Epic Care Health recognizes that it is essential for families to take some time to themselves to keep their caring spirits high. Epic Care Health’s team can arrange activities for the patient with our staff and volunteers to give you the opportunity to focus on yourself. Epic Care Health’s trained staff are able to provide exercises and meditation techniques to tackle the stress that comes with the job of caregiving. Exercise and meditation has been proven to reduce stress, and Epic Care Health believes this is essential for caregivers to be their best.