Epic Care Health

You Are Not

Epic Care Health’s vision is to redefine hospice care to Epic Living and ensure that patients experience an Epic life.

Our Mission

The mission of Epic Care Health is to help our patients live an Epic life until the very end. Epic hospice and palliative care is provided at the highest level of quality, compassion and integrity. We provide innovative care designed to celebrate each Epic Day with our patients and their families.

Our Patients Come First

Our Goals

Epic Care Health consistently puts patients first and is dedicated to granting them their wishes as best that we can. We understand that quality of life is dependent on the satisfaction of the patient, and we will do our best to put their final wishes to rest.

Epic Care Health encourages independence and dignity among patients and seeks to give patients freedom of choice in their care to the best extent given their situation.

Epic Care Health pursues excellence and quality care, ensuring patients’ care is nothing short of the best they could receive.

Epic Care Health seeks to be the innovator to change and is devoted to lead the hospice industry down a new path. The quality of life of Epic Care Health’s patients are enhanced by techniques not yet adapted by many other hospice locations.

Epic Care Health prides itself in acting with integrity and guarantees honest and fair care for patients at all times.

Epic Care Health strives to embrace diversity among staff and patients and aims to increase hospice care access to a wide range of communities.

Epic Care Health aims to educate on end of life care, its importance, and when hospice should be considered. Quality of life should never be compromised – getting educated is the first step to ensuring your loved ones are taken care of in their hardest days.

Nothing But the Best

Our Values

Epic Care Health holds values that make it unique and work hand-in-hand with creating exceptional end of life care.

First and most importantly, Epic Care Health values its patients and provides them with the highest level of comfort in a professional fashion and with the utmost respect and compassion.

The families of the patients undoubtedly play an important part in the lives of the patients. From beginning to end, the patients’ loved ones are there for them – the least we can do is treat them like our own family.

Epic Care Health values friendships and creating relationships that are long-lasting, even after a loved one passes. We are committed to upholding our promise of caring for not only our patients, but also for the relationships we create with their loved ones.

Epic Care Health believes an important part in end of life care is connecting with others and broadening perspectives not otherwise seen. Epic Care Health values communities, culture and diversity and encourages patients to interact with one another and share their various backgrounds, beliefs and values.

Epic Care Health values quality, commitment, hard work, dedication and achievement and promises nothing but the best experience for patients and their families.

Epic Care Health values the satisfaction of the needs of all patients and their families through upholding these standards.