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Palliative Care

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Epic Care’s Palliative Care Program

Epic Care Health offers Palliative Care, which is care focused on improving life through providing pain management and comfort to patients of all ages with serious illnesses while also pursuing curative treatments in hopes of a recovery. A patient may decide to begin Palliative Care from the moment they are diagnosed with a serious illness and simultaneously receive curative treatments.

Epic Care Health Palliative Care provides symptom and pain management to patients and also offers resources to families about what to expect, information about treatment options and support program resources. A Palliative Care plan will be developed for patients who decide to pursue this service and will be executed by a team of Epic Care Health experts who have been trained to manage pain and symptoms that may arise during serious illness. All care plans are individual and are based on the needs and wants of the patient.

Palliative Care is not necessarily the end-all-be-all, as some patients recover and stop Palliative Care when they no longer need it. If and when curative treatments stop working for a patient who is receiving Palliative Care and the patient is expected to live six months or less, the patient may transition into receiving hospice care.