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You Don’t Have to do This Alone

Epic Care’s Bereavement Program

Grieving is an important part in the process of losing a loved one, and Epic Care Health is here to help family members move forward following their loss. When the time comes that a loved one has passed, Epic Care Health honors its word and continues to provide support to the family of the patient. The Bereavement Program assists families in identifying healthy coping strategies in the event of death and adjusting to this new change in their lives.

Someone in the process of grieving undergoes many emotions that are natural, such as guilt, anger, sadness, frustration and anxiety. They may even have physical reactions to a loved one’s death, such as trouble sleeping or a loss of appetite. Epic Care Health is here to cope with the effects of death on family members – whether that’s just lending an ear to listen to stories of your loved one or directing you towards extensive individualized emotional support through an outside resource.

Epic Care Health understands that every person grieves differently and at their own pace. Epic Care Health provides resources to counseling following the death of a loved one, which is a very personal process that requires unique support. You don’t have to go through this difficult process alone – Epic Care Health will be there from the beginning until the end, as promised.